Interpreting is giving a first and final rendering of a previously expressed oral message in real time and for immediate communicative use.
Franz Pöchhacker

I have been working as an interpreter for more than 15 years. My language combination is as follows:

“A” languages: Spanish and Galician

“B” languages: English and Portuguese

“C” languages: German, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and Slovene

I ensure a return (i.e. questions from the audience…) in all of my “C” languages.


My experience includes working with all my language combinations in all modes (consecutive, simultaneous and whispering) at venues such as the European Parliament, the European Central Bank or during technical visits among others.

I have also worked in-house for the International Commission on Missing Persons interpreting in top-level negotiations and very technical workshops on forensic and genetic sciences.

Besides, I have been appointed Court Interpreter for Galician and English.

Feel free to contact me to check my rates, availability and references.



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